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2014 Phinsider NFL Predictions

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You've been waiting for this day for awhile now. The stage is yours... Sound off on your guaranteed locks for the 2014 NFL Season.

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The smell of September. The leaves start to change. The air cools. The entire country prepares their TV, couch and fridge setups for the next few months of football hibernation. With the start of NFL season a few hours away, fans start to spout predictions, yet most of them hold usually no accountability. Not anymore. This post was created to sound off every prediction you may have for the 2014 season.

Obviously Ryan Tannehill will break every quarterback record this year.

Rookie of the Year? Look no further than Jarvis Landry!

Brent Grimes will have 14 INT's.... BEFORE the bye week.

But be sure to think about it first because we will revisit this post at season's end and pick apart EVERYONE to shreds! But it's all in good fun :)

Anyway you look at it, the moment before Week 1 is when Miami Dolphins fans are the most positive. Take it in guys, because no matter how our team fares this season, we are sure to hear TONS of griping, armchair quarterbacking, and incoherent rambling the next few weeks about our team.

Below I will make my 2014 annual predictions. Please do the same in the comment section below. Feel free to copy and paste my template below to keep things consistent and easy to look back at.


AFC Division Winners- Colts, Bengals, Patriots, Broncos

AFC Wildcards- Steelers, Dolphins

NFC Division Winners- Saints, Packers, Eagles, Seahawks

NFC Wildcards- Bears, Niners

AFC Championship- Patriots > Broncos

NFC Championship- Saints > Seahawks

Super Bowl- Saints 31, Patriots 28

MVP- Andrew Luck

OPOY- Drew Brees

DPOY- Robert Quinn

OROY- Kelvin Benjamin

DROY- Ryan Shazier

Miami Dolphins Record- 9-7

If you're feeling really ballsy.. try some bold predictions and put your word on it!


  • 2015 #1 PICK- Titans
  • Miami's biggest surprises- Chris McCain, Cortland Finnegan, Olivier Vernon, Brandon Gibson
  • Knowshon Moreno will finish with the most rushing yards for Miami. Ryan Tannehill will be second.
  • Miami will lose to the Patriots twice but go 4-0 against the Bills & Jets.
  • Jarvis Landry will be successful in special teams, but won't really breakout for our offense.... THIS year.
  • Blake Bortles will start for the 0-4 Jaguars in Week 5. He will start his career 3-0 against the Steelers, Titans and Browns (beating Johnny Manziel). The Jags will still finish the year below .500, but will finish the year as a 2015 team to watch.
  • Johnny Manziel will continue to be ESPN's posterchild. He will end up with a few great fantasy games but still finish with a losing record. No surprise but all rookie QB's will finish with a losing record this year.
  • The Niners will barely make the playoffs.
  • Despite Miami's first playoff appearance in 5 years, people will still be calling to replace Tannehill and new GM Dennis Hickey.
Happy Football Season Ladies & Gents!