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Miami Dolphins most consistent player in 2014

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Who will be the Miami Dolphins' most consistent player in 2014?

Chris Trotman

Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk has asked us a question. When a Hall of Famer asks a question, perhaps we should answer. Who will be consistent this season for the Miami Dolphins? Interesting question.

The Dolphins will have some great players who play at a high level most of the year, but will have a few games where game plans can take them out of the contest. Players like defensive end Cameron Wake and tight end Charles Clay epitomize that. You could argue that Wake is consistently great, and consistently opens up the offensive line for others, and I would not say you are wrong. You could argue that Pro Bowl punter Brandon Fields consistently crushes the ball when he kicks it, and that is the consistency asked for by Faulk. But that's not how I am going to answer this question.

Who will be consistent? Perhaps someone like Brian Hartline is the right answer, a receiver who top 1,000 yards, but is never the start of the show. Hartline and quarterback Ryan Tannehill are consistently on the same page, which would seem to answer Faulk's question.

I'll turn to the defense for my answer, however. As a consistent player, linebacker Koa Misi should be the definition of consistency. He is a player who always seems to answer whatever questions the Dolphins throw at him, even if it is a position change and suddenly asked to do things different than he did the year prior. Misi has been a defensive end, a weakside linebacker, and is now the team's middle linebacker, charged with running the defense. He's always been a solid member of the defense, seldom flashing with the spectacular play, but always in on the play and in the right position.

I'll answer Misi will be the most consistent player on the Dolphins in 2014. Who do you think it will be?

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