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Patriots vs Chiefs Monday Night Football Live Thread

The New England Patriots visit the Kansas City Chiefs tonight.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Night Football tonight features the New England Patriots visiting the Kansas City Chiefs in what could make for a perfect AFC East weekend for the Miami Dolphins. If the Chiefs can use their home field advantage to beat the Patriots, Miami will have won this weekend, while every other member of the division, the Patriots, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills, all lost.

Go Chiefs!

New England enters the game with a 2-1 record, having won their last two contests after losing to the Dolphins in Week 1. The Chiefs, meanwhile, are 1-2, their only win coming last week against Miami. New England is 31st in passing offense this year, and 22nd in rushing yards so far, an unusual ranking for an offense that is usually highly explosive. New England's defense, however, is carrying the team, with the top ranked passing defense and the 11th ranked rushing defense.

Kansas City is 30th in passing offense, 11th in rushing offense, 8th in passing defense and 24th in rushing defense this season.

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Enjoy the game.