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Miami Dolphins Claim to be Calm, But Truth Will Show Sunday

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The Miami Dolphins claim to be clear of panic, but Sunday will show their true trepidation level.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins know the magnitude of this Sunday. Everyone in the organization knows the urgency that will be pulsing through the Dolphins sideline Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London.

The Dolphins need a win this Sunday to avoid finishing the first quarter of the season 1-3 riding a three-game losing streak.

Failing to do so would ensure that the Dolphins head into their Week 5 bye with even more swirling questions and distractions than were present during this hectic week.

Ryan Tannehill, the center of a recent quarterback controversy following his inconsistent play this season, dismissed the idea that this team is apprehensive.

"Everyone's freaking out (outside of the team)," said Tannehill, "But there's no panic in this locker room."

"It's all this stuff on the outside that makes it seem like the world's collapsing," Tannehill went on to say, referring to the panic that has overcome the fanbase following the past two games where the Dolphins were outscored by 38 total points.

Dolphins players claim to be calm. But there is an urgency that comes with games like these, games with such pivotal consequences. Games that could either instill confidence in the team and put them back on a winning track (2-2) or put the team on the way to another disappointing season (1-3).

Players aren't panicking, but they realize that they must improve upon their inconsistent performances.

"There is no panic around here, but it’s time to get going again with a strong performance," said wide receiver Brandon Gibson.

As many, including linebacker Jason Trusnik, have noted, it's not just one unit that the Dolphins must improve. The entire team needs to clean up mistakes and work as one solid unit.

"It’s just one game, but it’s an important game," said Trusnik, "We need to get back on track. We need to step forward as a team, not just one area."

Fortunately, the Dolphins will be facing the winless Oakland Raiders in this crucial game.

The Dolphins claim to be calm, but their play Sunday will tell the true tale. If mistakes are rampant and the team seems nervous, then trepidation has set in. If Miami plays scared, their chances of winning greatly decrease.

The Dolphins must play with urgency, energy and intensity against the Raiders, but they must do this with confidence and precision.

The Dolphins will be the better team on the field this Sunday. However, they must toss aside all the distractions and perform like it when they take the field in this key international game Sunday.