If I were GM this week

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Top 10 things I'd do:

#1) Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater: Keep Tannehill at QB and let this season play out. We want a complete answer. Even though I am not very impressed, I want to see if he can be an above average QB with a healthy Pouncy, Moreno. I have no illusions he is going to be a Hall of Fame QB, just want to see if we can win with this guy and I give him 16 games for that.

#2) Turn Lazor's real offense loose. Run the no huddle, run the zone reads with the QB. Run what we thought we were getting with you as the OC. Quit the slow in and out of the huddle stuff. Love the motions/formations and he has created mismatches, just want to see the tempo go up.

#3) SIGN LaMichael James or use Thigpen more in passing game. While Miller played much better, we need a guy that can catch from the backfield to make this offense complete.

#4) As bad as it may sound I sit Charles Clay this week to give him 2 weeks to heal. He looks very limited due to his injury and we will need him after the bye.

#5) Have a conversation with Philbin/Croyle to let them know they must get to the playoffs, so I wouldn't go out conservatively. I'd not have anymore running the clock out at the end of the 1st half situations. I wouldn't play off man when our DB's are better than their WR's. Win or lose big, quit hoping the other team makes mistakes.

#6) Keep chucking it to Wallace. (Not just because he is on my fantasy team). He is our only legit "house-call" threat on offense. See if we can get it worked out. Also, I want to see if he stays on the roster next year (I vote yes).

#7) Hope Pouncey/Moreno/Misi can be available quickly. I know that is just hope, but man those three make a huge difference for us (and I think we see that now).

#8) Use Gator Hoskins more. I think he gives us a dynamic TE to pair with Clay (when healthy). With Gibson still being banged up I think a 2 TE set would get us some mismatches on either him or Clay and help the running game even more.

#9) Remind Tannehill he is athletic. The guy runs a 4.5. If you are confused, just take off. Show him clips of Steve Young and tell him he needs to get 30-40 yards rushing a game if he wants to keep his job. Help him by getting roll out play calls and boots.

#10) Don't panic. Beat Oakland and get to 2-2. We should get Jones, Pouncey, Clay (healthy), Misi, Moreno and eventually Jordan back soon enough. 2-2 heading into the stretch run is not the worst spot to be...

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