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NFL Sunday early games TV schedule, online stream, live discussion thread

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The Miami Dolphins do not play until the late round of games this week. Enjoy the live games and use this thread to discuss whichever game you are watching.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins host the Kansas City Chiefs at 4:25pm ET today. Before they kickoff, however, will be an entire slate of early games. We bring you the schedule of those games, where they are on TV, and invite you to use this thread as a live thread to discuss the games.

All of the games can be streamed live via NFL Sunday Ticket (subscription required). Verizon subscribers can watch the -games via the NFL Mobile app as well. Please do not ask for or post links to illegal streams of the game.

The schedule of early games today is:

CBS (NFL Sunday Ticket Channels in parenthesis)

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills (705)
Houston Texans at New York Giants (710)
Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals (706)
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (707)
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (708)
Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots (709)

Fox (NFL Sunday Ticket Channels in parenthesis)

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams (714)
Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles (713)
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints (712)
Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (711)

Which games are you getting on local channels? gives us the answer:



Enjoy the games!