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Dion Jordan suspended for second time

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Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan has received a second suspension from the NFL this year.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time this season, Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan has received a four game suspension from the league for violating the substance abuse policy. Jordan was suspended this offseason for violating the performance enhancing drug policy, an offense Jordan said came from a supplement he was using during the offseason.

Under the league's new drug policy, which went into effect this week and was retroactive, many of the players suspended this year either had their suspensions lifted or shortened. Jordan, however, was not allowed back with the team, a move that initially was believed to be for his initial violation not meeting the new criteria. The team, however, acknowledged today that Jordan's original suspension was lifted after two games, which should have made him eligible to return to the Dolphins this week.

He was hit with a second suspension, however. In a release, the Dolphins explained, "Jordan now has been suspended without pay for the next four games of the 2014 NFL season for violating the NFL's Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse. He will be eligible to return to the Dolphins' active roster on Monday, October 20 following the team's October 19 game against the Chicago Bears."

Of the new suspension, Jordan said in a statement, "I am currently undergoing treatment to address my situation. I am working hard to become a better man and to make better choices in the future. I am especially looking forward to returning to the team. I also want to thank my family, Coach Philbin and the Miami Dolphins organization for their support."

No word has been released on what caused the second positive test for Jordan. According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel's Omar Kelly, the failed test was again for PEDs. Kelley also says he was told the first positive test for Jordan came for "using a party drug that had amphetamines in it."

Head coach Joe Philbin said in a release, "We were informed that Dion's suspension for performance enhancing drugs was lifted, however, we also learned that he has been suspended four games for violating the Policy on Performance-Enhancing Substances.  While we were disappointed to learn of this result, we support Dion for proactively taking steps to voluntarily seek treatment to better himself. We will continue to support and work with him as he takes advantage of all available resources during this time."

Dolphins safety Reshad Jones, who was also suspended four games this offseason for PED use, is still scheduled to return to the team after the Week 4 contest against the Oakland Raiders in London.