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Dolphins looking for home field advantage with Aqua Out vs Chiefs

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The Miami Dolphins are calling this week's game against the Kansas City Chiefs an "Aqua Out."

Tom Szczerbowski

The Miami Dolphins are looking to create a unique atmosphere at Sun Life Stadium this Sunday when they host the Kansas City Chiefs during an "Aqua Out" event. The team is asking fans to wear aqua to the game, whether it's a t-shirt, a jersey, or whatever you have, the Dolphins want the stands filled with aqua.

The team will be doing the same thing on the field. wearing their aqua jerseys and aqua pants, a look they first debuted in 2002. The look was used during a Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears, with the players requesting the look as a part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Perfect Season, including the retirement number 39 worn by running back Larry Csonka.

The game was highlighted by Ricky Williams gashing the Bears for 216 yards, giving him two straight games of 200-yards rushing in NFL history. The Dolphins beat the Bears 27-9 that week, gaining over 400 yards of total offense during the game.

Now, 12 years later the Dolphins will bring back the look this weekend. To help fans get into the aqua out mentality, 65,000 t-shirts will be given away at the gates to the stadium. The shirt is the one being worn by the wide receivers in the tweet above. The team is expecting a capacity crowd this week.

Can an aqua out add some atmosphere to Sun Life Stadium? What do you think of the idea of Miami wearing a full aqua uniform? Asking the fans to wear aqua for the game?