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Dolphins ball security drill via USA Football

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The Miami Dolphins demonstrate a ball security drill for use by USA Football.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

USA Football, working to make sure football all over the nation, from youth football through to the NFL, is a safer version of the game we all love, spent time with the Miami Dolphins this year, recording training camp drills to use as the examples of how to do things correctly. They recently shared with us this video of a ball security drill, getting the entire team involved. As you will see in the drill, offensive players are asked to carry two footballs while defensive players are trying to strip the ball on both sides.

It's a really interesting drill, a quick look inside the Dolphins, and an opportunity to say, whenever you are the offensive player and you are up against Cameron Wake, I feel sorry for you.

There are several more Dolphins videos on the USA Football website, and we will try to bring you some more of those during the year.

Thanks to Dittoe PR for sharing the video.