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Jamaal Charles injury update: Running back pack at practice for Chiefs

Running back Jamaal Charles was able to practice, albeit on a limited basis, for the Kansas City Chiefs today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

High ankle sprains usually take a couple of weeks to heal, unless it's severe, in which case it could require surgery. That rehab time is spent putting limited weight on the ankle, attempting to allow the damaged ligaments a chance to heal. Most of the time, a player will have to sit out practices and games during the rehab, unless that player is Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, apparently.

According to ESPN's Adam Teicher and AP correspondent Herbie Teope, Charles was back on the practice field today, just four days after suffering a high ankle sprain against the Denver Broncos last week. According to Teicher, the Pro Bowler did participate in a drill involving cutting through cones after making a catch, and the ankle seemed to hold up. Like what happens with the Miami Dolphins, reporters at Chiefs practices are only allowed to see a limited portion of the workout, so just how much Charles was able to do is not clear; the simple fact that he is out on the practice field doing drills at all is a remarkable turn of events.

The Dolphins host the Chiefs this week, and, if this practice is any indication, could be facing Kansas City with their starting running back in place. Behind Charles, the Chiefs have second year running back Knile Davis.

Team do not have to announce the likelihood of a player participating in this weekend's games until tomorrow. Today's injury report, which will come out later this afternoon, will simply list players as either full participants in practice, limited, or not participating. The best guess is Charles will be listed as limited.

The Dolphins and Chiefs kick off at 4:25pm ET Sunday.