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NFL Drug Policy update: Jordan and Jones may not be reinstated

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Nearly a week after announcement of a new drug testing policy being approved by the NFL Players Association, and multiple NFL sources saying the agreement would reinstated Dion Jordan and Reshad Jones for the Miami Dolphins, it now appears that may not happen.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL appears to be inching towards finalizing the deal between themselves and the NFL Players Association on a new drug testing policy. The agreement, which was voted upon and approved by the NFLPA last week, has been held up by some final negotiations, which is thought to include which players would be immediately reinstated by the NFL under the retroactive testing policy.

Two Miami Dolphins currently serving four-game suspensions, safety Reshad Jones and defensive end Dion Jordan, were expected to be in that group. When the NFLPA approved the policy, and NFL Network even reported Jones and Jordan were being reinstated. Now, nearly a week later, it appears that may not actually happen.

According to his sources, Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero writes "Jordan will not have his suspension revoked once the new policy is announced." He goes on to say the sources disagreed on whether or not Jones would be allowed to return to the Dolphins.

The players have each already served the first two weeks of the four-game suspension. If they are not reinstated, they will also miss this Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs contest at Sun Life Stadium and next week's game in London against the Oakland Raiders.

As Salguero writes, "It is unclear why Jordan is not eligible to return when approximately a dozen players are going to be allowed to return."

The agreement is expected to be completed some time this week.