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Knowshon Moreno injury details: Dislocated elbow to force missed games

Miami Dolphins running back Knowshon Moreno will likely miss multiple games after sustaining a dislocated elbow in today's contest with the Buffalo Bills.

Marc Serota

The Miami Dolphins will likely be without the services of Knowshon Moreno for several weeks after the running back suffered a dislocated elbow against the Buffalo Bills Sunday. The injury came in the first quarter against the Dolphins' AFC East rivals, when Moreno was tackled after a short run. As he went to the ground, he braced his fall with his left arm, just as another Bills defender came in to assist on the tackle. The hit bent Moreno's elbow backwards.

Moreno entered the week as the leading rusher in the NFL, having put up 134 yards against the New England Patriots in Week 1.

The team has scheduled tests for Moreno's elbow once the club returns to Miami. Once those tests, to include an MRI, are completed, the exact amount of damage done to the joint will determine when Moreno will be able to return. Moreno being sidelined a month is expected, though it could be longer.

Miami plays the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami in Week 3 before heading to London to face the Oakland Raiders in Week 4. After a Week 5 bye, the Dolphins will host the Green Bay Packers.

Running back Lamar Miller was also injured during the game, leaving in the fourth quarter with an apparent ankle injury.