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Lamar Miller injury depletes Miami running back corps

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Miami Dolphins starting running back Lamar Miller appears to have been injured in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Miami Dolphins have lost their starting running back in their game against the Buffalo Bills. Late in the fourth quarter against the Bills, Miller ran the ball on third down, comin up a yard short of converting the first. While the referees called on the chains to measure the yardage, Miller remained on the ground in pain.

Trainers came out and looked at Miller, who eventually was able to get up and walk of the field. The focus seemed to be on Miller's lower right leg.

Earlier in the game, the team lost Knowshon Moreno, who came into the game as the NFL's leading rusher, when his elbow appeared to bend backwards as he was tackled.

With Miller and Moreno both injured, the team will turn to undrafted free agent Damien Williams as the primary running back.

The Dolphins trail the Bills 26-10 late in the game after turning the ball over on a muffed punt.