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Phinsider Question Of The Day & Poll Roger Goodell Edition

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With the firestorm in the NFL that does not seem to be going away we ask the question's should commissioner Roger Goodell step down and if so who should be hired to give the NFL direction from here on out?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

In recent days the Ray Rice situation has blown up to something larger then sports. The one positive of the situation might be that it brings more attention to something that we should pay more attention to and put more efforts in to as a society to curb and stop whenever possible, domestic violence. From the NFL and specifically NFL commissioner Roger Goodell its a fire storm and a PR nightmare that just gets worse with each day.

This situation alone is not necessarily enough to force the man from his job for some but when you take his handling of things here combined with our very own "Bully Gate" the Saints "Bounty Gate" and of course the laughable way that Roger handled "Spy Gate". Not only was the mild slap on the hand that the Patriots received a joke to many how there was not more outcry over the fact that the commissioner then ordered the evidence to be destroyed I will never know.

So my question to you is in the event the owners force Roger Goodell out or he does what he has said he will not do and steps down under intense public pressure, who would you like to see hired to take the helm of the most powerful sports league in the country?

Some of the names I have seen thrown around  as replacements are Adam Silver (current commissioner of the NBA), Troy Vincent (currently the NFL's executive vice president of football operations), Rick McKay (president and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons), Steve Bornstein (current president of NFL Network) and Mark Cuban (billionaire business owner/Dallas Mavericks owner). What is your ideal candidate and why?