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Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills: History of Matchup

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Fresh after a win against the New England Patriots, Miami kick off Week 2 against another AFC East rival, the Buffalo Bills. Lets check out the history between these two teams.


History is something that is personally very important to me having majored in it during my first degree.  Without history, nothing would be the same.  History teaches us to learn from the past, and the legacies they bring into the present.  For example, history tells us where our roots lie; where we come from.  This is fundamentally important to the majority of humans.  Without having any roots, what happens to our identities? We as humans like to feel a part of something; a community of shared values.

The same goes for football.  Without history, rivalries wouldn't exist.  The atmosphere in the stadium wouldn't exist. Fans couldn't identify with their team.  One of the proudest moments of this franchise is the 1972 perfect season.  We commemorate this almost every year; we don't ignore it. Imagine a society that totally ignored history.

That's what makes these great rivalries.  Last week it was the New England Patriots, and this week the Dolphins make the trip north to the Buffalo Bills.

In Chris Iorfida's 2008 article, he makes the point that the Dolphins-Bills rivalry is amongst the strangest in American sports since the cities of Miami and Buffalo have little in common.  Both are separated by over 2,000 kilometres.  One has a tropical climate, the other probably sees more snowfall than any other American city in the east.

The Dolphins first played the Bills on September 18th, 1966 in Buffalo.  The game wasn't one to remember for Miami fans as the Bills scored 48 points in the first half, going on to win the game 58-24.  The next game of the 1966 season didn't go so well either, with the Bills running away in a 29-0 game.

Luckily, the first two games weren't a sign of things to come.  Bob Griese (pictured above) connected with Howard Twilley to earn Miami a 17-14 win for the first time against Buffalo.  The rest, as you say, is history.

In recently memory, Miami slumped to two losses during the 2013 regular season against their northern rivals; two games that could have seen Miami reach the playoffs if they had won them.  This was particularly disappointing for the coaching staff as the Bills were 6-10 last season in comparison to Miami's 8-8 record.

This season, however, will be completely different.  Retooled with new players and coaching staff changes, this game will be worth a close watch.  Feel free to comment below and check out some of the head to head statistics between these two historic rivals.

Dolphins Head to Head Regular Season Record vs Bills

Won: 56

Lost: 39

Tied Games: 1

Win %: 0.589

Points Scored: 2,064

Points: 1,785

Dolphins Head to Head Playoff Record vs Bills

Won: 1

Lost: 3

Points scored: 90

Points allowed 127

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @AlexParish89.