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Preseason Week 1 Live Thread: Thursday Night Football

We've officially reached the first week of the preseason. Use this thread to discuss any of the games you may be watching.

Jamie Squire

The NFL Preseason gets fully underway tonight as we reach Week 1 of the exhibition season.  After last week's Hall of Fame game, this week will feature all 32 teams competing over the next three days.  Tonight, six games are on the slate, with two games on NFL Network.  All the rest of the games are live in their home markets.  Check out for more on specific game television coverage.

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets - 7pm ET
San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens - 7:30pm ET (NFLN)
New England Patriots at Washington Redskins - 7:30pm ET
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs - 8pm ET
Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos - 9pm ET
Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers - 10pm ET (NFLN)

You can watch all of the preseason games live online using NFL Preseason Live ($29.99 for six weeks of access).

The Miami Dolphins will play tomorrow night, facing the Atlanta Falcons.  You can find all of the information about Miami's game here.

Enjoy the games!