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Dolphins vs Falcons Preseason Game 1: Dolphins roster

The Miami Dolphins face the Atlanta Falcons tomorrow night in the first preseason game of the year for both teams. While each team's starters will make an appearance during the game, it's the depth players who will see the most action. To make sure you know who each player is, we give you their roster, starting with the Dolphins.

Joel Auerbach

The Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons will hit the field tomorrow night in Week 1 of the Preseason.  The first preseason game typically features a brief cameo by the team's starters, followed by the depth players conducting the majority of the game action.  The lack of recognizable jersey numbers can make it difficult to know who is playing, and who is on the sidelines. 

We will try to help with that by providing you with the roster for both the Dolphins and the Falcons.  First, we will bring you the Miami players:

(Note: Positions listed are as according to the Dolphins' website.  If a player has moved from cornerback to safety or tackle to guard in practice, the list below may not reflect that change, because the team has not officially changed it.)

This table is sortable by any of the three columns.

Number Player Position
97 Aaitui, Isaako DT
35 Aikens, Walt CB
71 Albert, Branden T
66 Arkin, David G
63 Baker, Steven T
19 Binns, Armon WR
40 Brackett, Brett TE
65 Brenner, Sam C
30 Brown, Jalil CB
38 Clarke, Steven  DB
42 Clay, Charles TE
67 Colledge, Daryn G
15 Cone, Kevin WR
3 Darkwa, Orleans RB
29 Davis, Will CB
25 Delmas, Louis S
92 Denney, John LS
7 Devlin, Pat QB
84 Egnew, Michael TE
59 Ellerbe, Dannell LB
78 Fede, Terrence DE
2 Fields, Brandon P
62 Finkenberg, Evan OL
24 Finnegan, Cortland CB
37 Fogg, Kevin  DB
74 Fox, Jason T
96 Francis, A.J. DT
56 Freeny, Jonathan LB
75 Garner, Nate G
10 Gibson, Brandon WR
23 Gillislee, Mike RB
21 Grimes, Brent CB
82 Hartline, Brian WR
83 Hazel, Matt WR
60 Hills, Tony T
89 Hoskins, Harold TE
32 Hrapmann, Danny K
72 James, Ja'Wuan T
53 Jenkins, Jelani LB
6 Jensen, Brock  QB
76 Johnson, Anthony DT
73 Johnson, Kamal DT
36 Jones, Don S
20 Jones, Reshad S
95 Jordan, Dion DE
44 Kovacs, Jordan S
14 Landry, Jarvis WR
61 Larsen, Tyler C
4 Lobato, Seth QB
88 Lynch, Arthur TE
18 Matthews, Rishard WR
47 McCain, Chris LB
86 Miller, Kyle TE
26 Miller, Lamar RB
46 Mims, Tevin DE
55 Misi, Koa LB
90 Mitchell, Earl DT
8 Moore, Matt QB
28 Moreno, Knowshon RB
98 Odrick, Jared DT
48 Reed, D'Aundre DE
49 Reynolds, Micajah DT
69 Satele, Samson C
79 Shelby, Derrick DE
80 Sims, Dion TE
68 Smith, Garrison DT
64 Smith, Shelley G
87 Spadola, Ryan WR
94 Starks, Randy DT
9 Sturgis, Caleb K
17 Tannehill, Ryan QB
22 Taylor, Jamar CB
34 Thigpen, Marcus RB/WR
70 Thomas, Dallas G
33 Thomas, Daniel RB
31 Thomas, Michael S
57 Tripp, Jordan LB
93 Trusnik, Jason LB
77 Turner, Billy OL
50 Vernon, Olivier DE
91 Wake, Cameron DE
11 Wallace, Mike WR
16 Webber, Raymond WR
52 Wheeler, Philip LB
1 Williams, Damian WR
5 Williams, Damien RB
45 Wilson, Andrew LB
27 Wilson, Jimmy S
41 Wright, Demetrius S