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Knowshon Moreno: 'It feels good to put the shoulder pads on'

Miami Dolphins running back Knowshon Moreno was activated from the Physically Unable to Perform list this morning, taking part in the team's training camp practice shortly thereafter. Once practice was complete, Moreno spoke to the media. We have the team provided transcript of his remarks.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

(On the excitement of being back on the field) -"Yeah, it feels good to put the shoulder pads on and come out here and just work with the guys."

(On using the time when he was out of practice to absorb the playbook) -"Of course. A lot of the game is mental also, so I've been getting a lot of mental reps. Now, I just have to come out here and put those things together and get practicing again."

(On what his timetable is for getting into a preseason game)- "I don't know yet, don't know yet. It's up to the coaches, but at the same time I want to make sure I'm good and ready to go. The main thing is to be ready for the season, but right now I feel good. It felt good to come out here today."

(On if he had a breakthrough in recent days that allowed him to come back to practice today)- "Just gradual, just gradual. Every day, trying to make a step towards getting out there and doing a lot of practice. Today, we were just testing it out and seeing how it feels."

(On if he was limited out there today or if he was able to go 100 percent)- "I feel good, felt good. What I did today I felt pretty good doing it. So now, in the next couple of days, just progressing and do more and more each day."

(On if he is up to speed on the playbook)- "I'm good with the playbook. It's just going out there and seeing it full speed versus the defense. But I feel pretty confident about the playbook."

(On if the zone-blocking scheme here is similar to the one he ran in Denver and if that is helpful)- "I guess so, a little bit. But at the same time, it's a totally different scheme, totally different, but I feel confident about it."

(On if he feels that he needs a preseason game to get ready)- "It would be good to go out there and feel full-speed action, but at the same time, I'll be ready whenever it's ready."

(On if he's back practicing ahead of his expected timetable or after)- "I think it was just about right, just about right. Like I said, every day, I just got better and did more and more in the training room. Now, it's time to do a little bit more on the field."

(On if feels like he has something to prove this year)- "I'm going to do whatever I can do, anything to help this team out. I'm going to go out there and do every play, every practice, every game, 100 percent and the best I can do. Whatever happens after that will (happen)."

(On if he has fallen behind RB Lamar Miller in the battle for the starting RB position)- "I'm just going to come out here and work. I can't really think about the depth chart and things like that. Wherever the coaches want to me to be, that's where I'll be. I just want to come out here and work."