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Dolphins training camp 2014: Joe Philbin press conference post scrimmage

The Miami Dolphins held their annual Sun Life Stadium scrimmage yesterday. After the "game," head coach Joe Philbin met with the media.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening statement) - "A lot of good work in there today. We talked to the players last night. The big thing we wanted to get accomplished was, when game time comes around on September 7th, players play the game and coaches coach the game. We set it up today where our coaches were up in the press box and some are obviously on the sideline. Our communication system was going to be like it is on a game day. I thought overall we operated pretty smoothly. We talked about, we're looking for guys to play with fundamentals and finish plays. It was good to see us get some takeaways. Also, I think our first drive offensively, we got the ball in the end zone, if I'm not mistaken. I thought there was a lot of good things, certainly some things that we need to correct.

(On how QB Ryan Tannehill looked today) - "Yeah, I was talking to Ryan late last night. In camp, as you know, some days the defense kind of seems to have the upper hand or dominate a little bit since we're not game planning. So offensively we've had a couple of days that weren't smooth. But I thought today, overall, it looked like he had pretty good command of what he was doing and decent ball location. I thought it was a good start."

(On his thoughts on the offensive line today) - "I thought it was good overall. There was one or two that I thought obviously could have been better. I think the big thing was, it seems to me and I'll go back and watch the tape, a lot of the time we were able to gain some yardage on first down, which sometimes hasn't been a strength of ours. I think overall it looked OK."

(On how RB Lamar Miller looked today) - "He broke some tackles. You're always looking for a running back, you certainly want to create space for your backs, but you also need to have a back that can make some yards on his own and it seemed like he did that a little bit today."

(On if the ability to break tackles is something that has been missing from RB Lamar Miller's game) - "Well, that's one thing we would like him to do more. He's a guy that's got a lot of skill and talent, and good speed. He does have elusiveness. I think that showed up today. He's even I think bounced off a couple of runs in camp. He's had contact, guys have had a shot at him, but he's been able to keep his balance and keep picking up yards."

(On a lot of players playing on the offensive line) - "Today was about getting them all ready to play and really giving them 25-35 reps on tape, as game-like as we could make it conditions, so we could get an honest evaluation of them. So that was really the goal today. Ideally, as we move to next week and especially the week after, we'd like to kind of slim it down a little bit and really focus on seven or eight guys."

(On the offense getting the ball to hands in playmakers today in space as designed) - "As we said before, we're going to be multiple formationally. We're going to have different personnel groups. We want to be able to spread the field and we want to be able to attack the field in the running game and the passing game. We had some success doing that today and that's who we are right now. It still comes down to we've got make sure we get good play upfront so we can protect and make sure to get guys in space so they can run."

(On the linebackers today) - "I thought (Koa) Misi made a couple of plays that I noticed. I thought the other guys were solid. Nothing that jumps out at me."

(On the rhythm of the team early) - "It seemed to take a little bit to get going. I thought the first move the ball segment, just kind of putting the ball down and playing football, maybe we weren't as sharp early, but I thought we kind of played ourselves into the game a little bit in the scrimmage and got some takeaways. It was nice to see."

(On the thought process of not having G Shelley Smith on the first team offensive line today) - "Just rolling guys around. We're getting guys some different looks, different combinations and that group we normally have it locked and loaded, but the interior we've been moving guys around every day at camp and that will probably continue for a little bit."

(On if he thinks this offense is better suited for QB Ryan Tannehill or is it just a different offense) - "I think it's just different. I think each one has its own. As we've said before, to play quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, we're looking for a decision maker, an accurate passer and a guy that can make some plays. The one thing, he threw that nice ball on the move on that movement pass, which Rishard (Matthews) unfortunately couldn't keep his hands on. I think all quarterbacks, I don't care what your system is, to me, quarterback play is really, if you want to cut it down to three things, those are the three most important in my mind. I thought today was a good start."

(On QB Ryan Tannehill's accuracy his first couple of seasons) - "It got better. Yeah, we still want more, I think he certainly improved from year one to year two. What was he, 58 (percent) to 60 (percent)? We'd like to see that get up into the mid-60s, ideally. Absolutely."

(On QB Ryan Tannehill's decision making getting faster) - "A little bit. That's all a function of, it's kind of tied into together, the decision making, the play speed, those two things really kind of go hand-in-hand."

Transcript provided by Miami Dolphins.