Ranking the Dolphin WR's

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Much debate is going on around here about our WR corps. I am very excited about how deep we seem to be this season and I know everyone else is too. Here are my thoughts on how the guys rank 1-10.

1: Mike Wallace: I am not his biggest fan, but I recognize that he forces defenses to play "off" or keep more guys out of the box just due to his threat of going deep. I know he pretty much sucked it up against Tampa Bay, but he is our only WR that forces defenses to leave at LEAST 1 (many times 1 and help) deep.

2: Brandon Gibson: I will get slaughtered on this board for this ranking, but I love this guy. When he got hurt early last year our offense seemed to lose part of it's early luster. He is a great slot WR and is good to get yards after the catch. I understand he benefits going against other teams #3 each game, but I feel he is our #2 weapon.

3: Brian Hartline: I love Hartline. He always seems to make big plays and is a great security blanket for RT17. While he is not a great YAC guy, he is an outstanding route runner and has great hands. I feel he is the most polarizing guy in our WR group, but think he is worth the contract he has received.

4: Jarvis Landry: I am basing this off potential, but just watching this kid early on he strikes me as a play-maker. I love what he does when the ball gets in his hands. He seems to be a tough guy that will make the big catches in traffic also.

5: Rishard Matthews: On many teams he is the #3 guy. He is a very solid player for us that plays the ball well and is good for some YAC also when the ball is in his hands. I love the potential he has. I as well as many feel very comfortable with him in the game (that cannot be said by most teams about their #5 WR).

6: Damian Williams: I think he gives us a great target. He runs solid routes and understands coverages. Loved how he looked against Tampa. While I feel guys below him on this list have more potential, he has more production (I choose production).

7: Armon Binns: Will be tough watching this guy hit the door after the preseason and as many have suggested, I'd think we are shopping him right now for an OL to the right team. Great potential, just won't make this team.

8: Marcus Thigpen: WR or RB? Not sure. If we are ranking him as a WR here is where I put him. He may make roster due to his ability to return kicks and play RB.

9: Kevin Cone: I like this guy, but he would have to be a special teams guy only, and with Landry and Matthews able to fill that roll (or Thigpen) I think he is gone pretty soon.

10: Ryan Spadola: Another guy that may make it on the practice squad (if eligible), but not on the 53.

Bonus: 11: Matt Hazel: I hate to say we wasted a pick in the 6th round (cause I love our draft class), but we should have looked for another DB (safety), LB or OL with this pick. This kid probably makes the practice squad, but I don't see him jumping any of the young WR's ahead of him anytime in the near future.

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