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Dolphins try out Rex Grossman, Brady Quinn, John Skelton

The Miami Dolphins held try outs with several quarterbacks on Monday, looking to bolster a depth chart already filled with injured passers.

Rob Carr

The Miami Dolphins' Friday night preseason contest against the Atlanta Falcons highlighted a major need for the South Florida franchise.  As the game opened, Miami's first team offense drove the field and scored a touchdown in 10 plays covering 72 yards, with starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill directing the drive.  Miami culminated their first possession with a six yard touchdown pass from Tannehill to Brandon Gibson, one of six passes Tannehill through, all six of which were completed.

Then the glaring need for the Dolphins reared its head.

The majority of Miami's starting offense only played that one series.  When the team got back the ball, the second string offense took the field, helmed not by second team quarterback Matt Moore, not by third stringer Pat Devlin, but by the fourth option, Seth Lobato.  The same Lobato the team signed just two days before the game.

Fifth string quarterback Brock Jensen never saw any action - and was released by the team yesterday.

Moore has been sidelined by a shoulder injury as of late, while Devlin has a hamstring problem.  Both players missed practice time leading up to the Falcons contest.

The Dolphins need to find someone who is at least healthy enough to throw the ball once Tannehill is out of the rest of the preseason games.  Ideally, they would find someone capable of at least challenging Devlin for the third quarterback position.  Devlin has been a favorite of the coaching staff the past couple seasons, working hard as he develops into his role.  Reports, however, indicate the team could be looking to replace him as he plateaus below the level needed to challenge Moore for the second quarterback position. 

In an effort to find that new quarterback, Miami welcomed Rex Grossman, John Skelton, and Brady Quinn into the team facilities today, working them out following the team's practice.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports the team will also give all three passers a full physical before deciding if they want to sign any of the three.

Miami has to find a quarterback capable of adding some competition into camp, as well as a quarterback who can run the offense late in preseason games.  If they decide to sign Grossman, Skelton, Quinn, or even someone else, they are likely going to simply be a camp body, signed by the team simply to provide that extra arm.