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Phinsider After Dark: What you can find on Etsy

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I got bored today and decided I wanted to see what was being made on Etsy that related to the Miami Dolphins.  Needless to say, there is so much right with what can be found on Etsy.


(Photo via flowerpixie9 shop on Etsy)

It's $37.99 and ships worldwide.  The description reads:

Very Sexy custom made to order teddy dress with a matching Y back g string. The top of this teddy is designed with NFL fabric and sheer scalloped lace accents. The bottom is a very Sexy semi sheer black or white mesh, you choose. Ties around the neck and front for a great fit. We will be happy to answer any questions before your purchase.

This teddy is available from size XXS-XS , Small, Medium, and Large. And bra tops ranging from A - DD Cup. Please see the size chart.

Each order is custom made by "flowerpixie8" and ships within three days.  You can order it (if you so choose) here.

There is so much right with what can be found on Etsy.