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Miami Dolphins Need Help at Center, and Fast

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Recent news that last year’s backup center, Sam Brenner, has joined Mike Pouncey on the injury table, leaves the Dolphins thin on the ground in one of the key positions of the offensive line. What are Miami's options?

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Do we need a reminder of that ugly stat last year?  The Miami Dolphins succumbed to a franchise record 58 sacks in a single season.  Think about it for a second.  That's almost 4 sacks a game, and without all the quarterback pressures the team gave away.

In all fairness, the offensive line can't be fully culpable.  Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and the wide receivers all must share the blame.  This aside, it's not exactly rocket science that this offensive line need drastic improvement in 2014.

That took a hit on Monday morning with the news that last year's backup center, Sam Brenner, was taken off the practice field on a cart.  How serious the injury is at this stage anyone's guess, but his injury does leave Miami incredibly thin at the position.  With Pouncey thought to be out for half the season, the Dolphins desperately need to get help at the position, and fast.

While it's true that guard Shelley Smith has been spending most of his time in training camp learning the ropes as the starting center (following Pouncey's injury), the fact that he has never played the position won't exactly fill the team with confidence.

Even more so, reports have suggested that Smith and Tannehill have struggled together in the early stages of training camp.  That's not surprising considering Smith was only informed of the position switch two days before camp.

With two center's out, and the backup center seemingly struggling, what options are left for the Dolphins?  It's critical they need to bring some experience to the position, but who can that player be?

This time I'll leave the answers to you.  You tell us who you think the Dolphins should pursue.  Will it be a free agent still on the market, or will it be a trade that the Dolphins make to shore up the offensive line.  Or, heaven forbid, will it be a player already on the roster that will look to step up.

Once again, there are more questions than answers before the regular season.  Time to hear your views.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @AlexParish89.