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Dolphins see veterans Brandon Gibson, Koa Misi, Mike Gillislee leave practice early

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The Miami Dolphins held their first padded practice of the year today. Unfortunately, three players were forced to miss time due to unknown issues.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins put on the pads for the first time this year, conducting a nearly three-hour practice during the team's training camp.  Unfortunately for the team, three players had to leave the workout for unknown reasons.

The Dolphins do not comment on injuries or player absences, so why linebacker Koa Misi, wide receiver Brandon Gibson, and running back Mike Gillislee left early has not been officially disclosed.

Misi left the workout about halfway through the practice, carrying his left shoe in his hand.  He went into the training facility and did not return.  In his absence, Dannell Ellerbe moved back to middle linebacker, the position he held last year before moving to the strong side this offseason.

Gillislee, the second year running back expected to put pressure on Daniel Thomas for a roster spot this year, left practice shortly before the end of the day.  He headed into the facility with a towel over his head and did not return.

Pure speculation, but it simply may have been a dehydration or heat situation for Gillislee as the Dolphins wore pads for the first time this year, on the hottest day of camp so far.  During the workout, the temperature reached 85-degrees, but had a heat index of over 100-degrees.

Gibson's ailment is easier to explain, as he left practice midway through the day, returning to the sidelines in shorts and t-shirt.  Coming off torn ACL, Gibson is only about 10 months into his rehab and the team will likely look to protect his knee throughout camp.  He had an ice pack on his knee as the workout came to a close.

Hopefully everything was precautionary today, and there were no serious injuries to any of the three players.  The Dolphins have Monday off, returning to practice on Tuesday.