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Dolphins training camp press conference with Joe Philbin

The Miami Dolphins wrapped up their second practice of training camp this morning. After the workout, head coach Joe Philbin spoke with reporters.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin spoke briefly with reporters after the team's training camp practice this morning before lightning in the area forced the team to end the availability.  Below you will find the team provided transcript of the question and answer session.  Perhaps more interesting, though, was the brief period before the press conference began, when Philbin was joking with the reporters that he enjoys the South Florida heat because it tires out the reporters and makes them ask easier questions.  He also remarked that, if he does get a tough question, he may have to leave to go rehydrate.

And, finally, when the media availability officially started, Philbin said they still have to wait because South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter Omar Kelly was not yet seated.  Philbin remarked, "We can't start without Omar."  It was a funny couple of minutes, and not something we get to see as fans very often.

On to the official portion of the Q&A:

(On what he remembers about his time with G Daryn Colledge from his time in Green Bay) - "He's a real professional. He came in, he had never played guard when we drafted him, he was a left tackle out of Boise State. (He's) very smart. He's very durable. I want to say he's never missed a game in his eight-year NFL career. He was very professional. It was important to him. He came to work every day, showed up and practiced every single day. He did some good things. He contributed an awful lot. I wanted to say he started 15 games his rookie year. That's when I was the (offensive) line coach. He's a good person, good quality guy, good family guy."

(On the way DE Cameron Wake continues to play as he gets older) - "Yeah, I think it's great. We were watching the one-on-one tapes last night and you watch, we've got a young player at right tackle (Ja'Wuan James) and he's going up almost every single snap against a guy who's an established productive player in this league. I think the one thing that I really appreciate about Cam Wake is the fact, obviously, we want the production and performance on game day, but he does a great job in practice."  

(On balancing DE Dion Jordan's suspension in terms of getting him reps and getting other guys ready in that position) - "We have 43 days from today, but it does go quickly. Today, we wanted to get 98 competitive snaps in this practice. I would guess that's a little bit more than most NFL teams on the average, I would guess. We want to provide opportunities for everybody. As you mentioned, it's a delicate balance. Dion needs work at defensive end. He needs work on the fundamentals and he's going to need work tomorrow when the pads go on. But we do have to also be cognizant when we're getting ready to play a game. There's a balancing act and I think we're going to have to find the right mix. I don't know that we have a specific set in stone formula that he's getting 50 percent of that period, 40 percent of that. I don't know if that's smart or not."

(On the wide receiver position being seven or eight guys deep and if he agrees with that, and how tough it will be to settle on deciding who will be the fifth or sixth receiver to make the team) - "I like the group. I think I said the other day that it's the deepest that it's been since I've been here. I certainly agree with that. So we'll see. I think things have a tendency to sort themselves out a little bit once all of these practices and the preseason games take place. I do like the group and, as you know, there will be some special teams things that will maybe impact a couple of those decisions. It's a good group."

(On what he's seen from T Ja'Wuan James and his first days at camp) - "Very smart, very aware. The intensity has picked up a little bit from OTAs with the shells on. It's certainly going to go up another notchtomorrow. So it's a little bit early, but I like his poise, he's very coachable, he learns, he listens well. I expect him to develop, but I've liked what I've seen the first few days."

(On the offense having a bounce back day today and his impression on the defense today) - "I liked the way the guys practiced. You have to remember, sometimes we have those split drills, I probably didn't see yet 35 plays of practice, so I can't say unequivocally it was a great practice. My gut tells me it was good practice, there was good energy. Yesterday, I think we were seven minutes behind. That happens when the center-quarterback exchange is going all over the place. I do think it was a better practice. I liked the way the guys were moving around."

(On the cornerback positions) - "Right now, we've started with started with Brent (Grimes) and Cortland (Finnegan), as the first guys. I watched the tape yesterday last night, even in individual period, I like what Will Davis and Jamar Taylor are doing, just moving around, their movement skill. We're going to have to see how it goes, but it's early in camp. So far, I like what I see."

(On where CB Will Davis and CB Jamar Taylor are now compared to last year) - "Well, Will had a very good camp. As you remember, Jamar had to deal with a couple of injury situations. It was hard to get him on the field for any extended period of time, so it stunted, I think, his development. But I think they are improved, for sure."

(On what WR Mike Wallace can improve upon this season) - "Well, I think the timing and the rhythm, this is a timing and rhythm passing game. One of the, we call it, ‘axioms of the receiver position here' is you have to be where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there. I know that sounds simplistic, but that's number one (that) I think what he has to do. Then, we want to expand his route tree a little bit and we want to expand where he lines up a little bit. I think we've done some of those things, but we're still starting to work on those."