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2014 Dolphins training camp: Day 2 live reports

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The Miami Dolphins continue their 2014 training camp today. We will collect the reports from around the web and bring them to you in one place.


Today the Miami Dolphins are back on the practice field in training camp day two.  Yesterday's practice was not as crisp as the team may have hoped, with several sacks allowed by the offensive line and a couple of botched snaps between quarterback Ryan Tannehill and new center Shelley Smith.

The team will be looking to put yesterday behind them today, and hopefully that is exactly what happens.  If you are reading this, you probably aren't at the practice, but that doesn't mean you don't have a chance to go to the next one.  You can check out the link to the right (or below on a mobile device) to get all the information you need to attend camp this year.

Be sure to also check out our Training Camp StoryStream, pinned into the first position under the cover on the main page of the site.  We will collect all of our training camp stories in that one place, so you can always catch up to anything you missed.  You can also subscribe to the StoryStream, which will then make sure you get notified of all of the stories as they post on your Facebook wall.

Below, we will run a collection of tweets from the various beat writers covering camp this morning.  Feel free to discuss any observations you make, either by attending camp or from what you are reading, in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Practice starts at 8am ET this morning.  We will update the tweets as soon thereafter as we can.