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Dolphins 2014 Strength of Schedule

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Lets take a look at the upcoming 2014 Miami Dolphins schedule and where they stack up against the rest of the NFL in strength of schedule.

Joel Auerbach

Many fans on this site and around the internet voiced some dismay over the Dolphins upcoming schedule for 2014 when it was first released. Most of this dismay seemed to center around the fact that our schedule was a more difficult one from the previous season. With training camp just around the corner I thought it would be interesting to see where we stack up against the rest of the league as far as strength of schedule.

Of course strength of schedule is determined by taking all of the teams that a team plays, figuring their win percentages from the previous season and coming up with an average. Additions or subtractions of players and changes in coaching does not figure in to the equation despite the fact that it will change the fates of many teams from season to season.


Game 1 Sept. 7th VS New England Game 9 Nov. 9th @ Detroit
Game 2 Sept. 14th @ Buffalo Game 10 Nov. 13th VS Buffalo
Game 3 Sept. 21st VS Kansas City Game 11 Nov. 23rd @ Denver
Game 4 Sept. 28th @ Oakland Game 12 Dec. 1st @ New York
Game 5 Oct. 12th VS Green Bay Game 13 Dec. 7th VS Baltimore
Game 6 Oct. 19th @ Chicago Game 14 Dec. 14th @ New England
Game 7 Oct. 26th @ Jacksonville Game 15 Dec. 21st VS Minnesota
Game 8 Nov. 2nd VS San Diego Game 16 Dec. 28th VS New York

The schedule seems to be a fair mix of good teams and poor teams from 2013. The Dolphins do have what figures to be four cold weather games at the end of the season but this is not out of the norm for the team given that the Dolphins are the only team in the division that does not play in a cold weather location. Also the team did not seem to suffer in most of their cold weather games last season.


1 Oakland Raiders 0.578 17 Washington Redskins 0.490
2 Denver Broncos 0.570 18 Dallas Cowboys 0.488
3 St. Louis Rams 0.564 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0.484
4 San Diego Chargers 0.563 20 Philadelphia Eagles 0.479
5 San Francisco 49ers 0.563 21 Minnesota Vikings 0.477
6 Seattle Seahawks 0.561 22 Carolina Panthers 0.473
7 Kansas City Chiefs 0.559 23 Cincinnati Bengals 0.469
8 Arizona Cardinals 0.547 24 New Orleans Saints 0.469
9 New York Jets 0.520 25 Pittsburgh Steelers 0.469
10 New England Patriots 0.516 26 Cleveland Browns 0.465
11 Atlanta Falcons 0.512 27 New York Giants 0.465
12 Miami Dolphins 0.508 28 Baltimore Ravens 0.461
13 Green Bay Packers 0.504 29 Jacksonville Jaguars 0.453
14 Buffalo Bills 0.500 30 Houston Texans 0.441
15 Chicago Bears 0.496 31 Tennessee Titans 0.438
16 Detroit Lions 0.492 32 Indianapolis Colts 0.430

So we are actually near the top (or the middle depending on how you want to look at it) as far as harder schedules or are we? I have always questioned the whole concept of strength of schedule before the season has even begun. Yes some of the good teams will stay strong and others will fall off just as some of the poor teams will get much better and some will still struggle. The great thing about the NFL is that you never know for sure from year to year and the concept that any team can beat any other team on any given day is real even if unlikely in some cases.

So what are your thoughts on this years schedule? Do you believe that the pre-season strength of schedule actually matters? How do you expect the Dolphins to fare against this schedule this year?