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Poll: Dolphins training camp player with most to prove

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Earlier this week, we asked for your nominations on players with the most to prove this year during the Miami Dolphins' training camp. Now, we ask you to vote from between the nominees.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins report to training camp in just four days, officially kicking off the 2014 season.  All over the Dolphins' roster, players will be looking to cement their position on the roster, proving themselves worthy of staying with the team as the roster is pared from the 90-player preseason limit down to the 53-man regular season level, or even claiming a starting position on gameday.

What player has the most to prove during training camp this year?  Is it a veteran proving he is worth his contract?  Is it the high draft pick trying to establish himself in the league?

Earlier this week, we asked you to nominate the Dolphins players you think have the most to prove in training camp.  We have compiled the list below, and now ask you to vote on the nominees.  Who will be the player with the most to prove in this year's training camp?