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Dolphins training camp: Who has the most to gain?

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The Miami Dolphins hit the 2014 training camp practice field for the first time a week from today. Who has the most to gain during camp?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins officially kickoff the 2014 season next week when they report on Thursday to training camp, then get on the field for the first time a week from today.  The team will be working to cement their understanding of a new offense, establish their new linebacker corps, and get ready for the New England Patriots in the regular season opener in September.

There are lots of things that have to happen during training camp, and lots of players looking to prove themselves.  Who has the most to prove?  We leave that up to you today.

We want you to nominate the player who you think has the most to gain in training camp this year.  Is it someone like running back Daniel Thomas, who is looking to make sure he sticks with the squad?  Or someone like wide receiver Mike Wallace, who has to prove he is worth the huge contract he signed last year?  What about running back Knowshon Moreno, who signed as a free agent this year, only to get injured and need knee surgery?  Someone else?

Give us your nominations below, and we will come back later with a poll to see who tops out as the player who has the most to gain this year in training camp.