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Dolphins Depth Chart 2014: Quarterbacks

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As the Miami Dolphins prepare for training camp, we take a look across the roster, breaking down each position group.

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The Miami Dolphins are just 10 days away from opening their 2014 training camp, and 17 days away from their first preseason game of the year.  Leading up to that game against the Atlanta Falcons, we are going to work our way through the team's roster, breaking down each position and looking at the depth chart.

Where else do you start with an NFL team other than the quarterback position?

The Dolphins' quarterback position is locked in heading to this season:

First Team: Ryan Tannehill
Second Team: Matt Moore
Third Team: Pat Devlin
Fourth Team: Brock Jensen (R)

Tannehill is clearly entrenched as the team's starting quarterback, and big things will be expected of him this year.  Tannehill is entering his third season at the professional level and should be ready to take the next step in his development, a step that should come behind an offensive line that has been rebuilt after last year's debacle of 58 sacks.  This will be the first time in six years Tannehill has operated in an offensive system not designed by Mike Sherman, who served as his college head coach at Texas A&M, then was hired as the Dolphins' offensive coordinator in the offseason before Tannehill was drafted.  Under Bill Lazor this season, the Dolphins will be looking for Tanenhill to establish himself among the top young passers in the league.

Behind Tannehill, Moore will continue to serve as the veteran, ready to come in and play at a moment's notice.  He's has experience as a starting quarterback in the league and he is a great security blanket should anything happen to Tannehill.  The only way Moore is not the second string quarterback when the season starts is if something happens to a starting quarterback somewhere in the league during training camp, and that team is willing to trade for Moore.

Devlin seems to be set to serve as the Dolphins' third string quarterback for the fourth straight year.  The 2011 undrafted free agent has been a developmental project for the Dolphins, working him from the practice squad to the roster, and now carrying him as a set member of the 53-man team.  Ideally, he is the player to replace Moore when or if the Dolphins trade or do not re-sign him as a free agent after this season. 

Jensen was signed this year as an undrafted free agent, with many people looking for him to challenge Devlin for that third spot.  At least in the team's offseason workouts, Jensen has not flashed anything that should threaten Devlin, though a strong training camp could at least make coaches take a second look at him.  His goal right now needs to be to do enouhg to impress coaches early in camp, moving him from simply being a camp arm to someone who could at least earn a practice squad position.  Jensen's best bet to stay with the Dolphins might be if Moore is traded.