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Candlestick Park closes with Joe Montana Legends beating Marino 45-40

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In the final game to be played at legendary Candlestick Park, Joe Montana and 49ers All Stars beat the NFL All-Stars, led by Dan Marino, 45-40.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In an unfortunately not-televised event, Dan Marino lost to Joe Montana in Candlestick Park over the weekend.  The "Legends of Candlestick" flag football game was the final football game to be held at the home of the San Francisco 49ers.  Starting this season, the team will move to Santa Clara and the brand new Levi's Stadium.

To celebrate, All-Star teams from 49ers history, led by Joe Montana and Steve Young, faced off against a group of All-Stars from around the NFL, headlined by Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino.

The game was semi-competitive, with the teams each looking to put on a good show, but having some fun too.  Daniel Brown of Inside Bay Area News has a complete rundown of the event, which ended with a carefully scripted Montana pass to former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo for a two-yard, game winning touchdown as the 49ers won 45-40.

Brown points out come of the fun, such as punter Barry Helton (a member of the 49ers from 1988-1990) lining up at wide receiver or Issac Bruce (14 years with the Rams from 1994-2007 and two years with the 49ers, 2008-2009) switching from wide receiver to defensive back during the game.  The 49ers also designed a play in which the ball was snapped to Montana, lateralled to Young, thrown back to Montana, who threw a pass to Jeff Garcia, getting three 49ers quarterbacks involved in one play.

While the event, sadly, was not televised, there were several reporters recording sections of the practice on Friday and the game on Saturday: