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Introducing the Phinsider Miami Dolphins News Feed

Say hello to our newest feature here on the Phinsider - the Miami Dolphins News Feed.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

We are always looking for ways to make the Phinsider a better site, one that provides you with the latest and greatest Miami Dolphins news, all in one place.  But, given that none of us are full time reporters, there are simply times when we cannot get something posted when news breaks, no matter how much we try to keep on top of everything.

Which brings us to our newest feature here on the Phinsider - something that I hope (a) actually works like I want and (b) provides you with something useful.  The Phinsider Miami Dolphins News Feed makes its debut today.  While you can see a working example of the news feed below, the benefit of the feed will be it is a permanent feature on the site (assuming you all like it and want it).  You will be able to find the news feed under the "Library" tab at the top of any page here on the Phinsider.

Each box relates to the named site, and will update with their most recent posts as they are available.  Let us know your thoughts on the news feed and if you will be utilizing it.