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NFL Draft moving from Radio City Music Hall, potentially leaving New York

The NFL Draft may soon be heading to a new home.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What would the NFL Draft be without New York Jets fans booing every pick? We may soon get to discover this idea of bliss, as the Draft may be on the move. According to reports, the host site for the last nine years, Radio City Music Hall, is not available in April or May next year, meaning no matter what, the league will at least be in a new buliding come next spring. The league could go as far as to move it out of New York, where it has been held every year since 1965.

Location may not be the only change to the 2015 Draft. The league is reportedly considering changing the process into a four day event, likely with the first round on a Wednesday night, the second round on Thursday, third and fourth on Friday, and fifth through seventh on Saturday.

The league has established three requirements that have to be met for whatever venue they ultimately choose:

1. Availability on two blocks of dates -- April 22-25 and April 29-May 2.

2. Ability to host an NFL fan festival in adjacent outdoor or indoor space.

3. Hotel availability for fans, media, staff and prospects.

The leading contenders for next year's selection meeting are believed to be the Nokia Theater at LA LIve in Los Angeles, McCOrmick Place in Chicago, and Madison Square Garden in New York City. Each of those cities has multiple other potential locations, and working around NBA and NHL schedules could complicate the event, especially if the league is really looking to turn the Draft into a four day event.

Other potential landing places for the Draft, according to's article, includes Dallas, Houston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, and Canton. The league could consider using this year as a test run for potentially having the Draft rotate around the country each year, likely using a bid process similar to that of the Super Bowl.