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Dolphins OTA: Louis Delmas tells media 'I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity'

Miami Dolphins safety Louis Delmas spoke to the media following the team's OTA workout earlier this week.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

(On his relationship with S Reshad Jones and if they are getting on the same page) – “That dude, I thought I was funny, that dude’s hilarious. It’s hard to look at him sometimes and communicate with him and be serious. But he’s a great dude and I’m looking forward to going in to battle with him.”

(On there being a lot of new players in the secondary and bringing the young guys along) – “The young guys are making my job hard. The younger guys don’t have too much gas miles on their legs, they still can jump, still can run and still like to have fun out here. They make me that much better, to come out here and compete with everybody.”

(On S Jimmy Wilson making an interception in practice today) – “Me right there, if I get a pick, I might down it in the end zone, but at least I got a pick.”

(On S Jimmy Wilson running around the whole field after his interception) – “It’s a party. It’s very rare for the defense to get their hands on the ball, so once we do get our hands on the ball, we’re going to have a party with it.”

(On the team dancing around at the beginning of practice) – “It’s a fun environment. I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that I step foot on the field.”

(On his health right now) “I’m great. I’m great. I haven’t missed a day of training, haven’t missed a day of practice. I’m feeling good right now, the best I’ve felt my last four years of football. So I’m very excited about this year.”

(On if he’s done anything differently to stay healthy) “Rest. That’s something my first couple of years I didn’t take pride in is resting. After the season, I always started immediately with workouts. I think, as the years started going on, I started earning more miles on these legs, I needed to rest a little more. The coaching staff and the trainers are doing a great job of managing me. I’m comfortable right now.”