Dolphins worth nearly 4 billion using insane Clippers scale


Based on the insane amount that is being paid for the Clippers what would your Miami Dolphins be worth? According to this article $3.738 billion (actual value: $1.074 billion). The Dolphins sit dead center in the middle of the pack at number 16, one spot behind the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots are at number two behind the Cowboys that sit at one. The Jets are at 6 while the poor Bills sit near the bottom at 30. Last place in total value belongs to the sad sack Raiders. I suspect the actual value of the team will rise in the years coming as Ross improves the stadium and continues to lure big events to the stadium as the stadium and its revenue were a package deal when he purchased the team. Of course it is worth noting that most any major sports franchise will sell for more than its actual value these days but rarely is there a situation like the Clippers. The high level of bidding for the Clippers was no doubt spurned by the fact that Clippers local TV contract is due to be renewed in the next couple of years and most analyst value the contract in the billions due to the size of the LA media market.