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What Dolphins number should be retired?

What Miami Dolphins player should have his number retired by the team?

Kevin Nogle

You have been given the decision making power for a very critical decision for the Miami Dolphins franchise.  It's up to you to decide the next number for the franchise to retire.  You only get one, and it has to be someone who is "eligible" for the honor (i.e., sorry, but you cannot pick Cameron Wake).  Who do you select?

I'm going to give you one that will not come up many times, if at all, in the comments.  I will retire the number four jersey for the late, great Reggie Roby.  Yes, I am selecting a punter to have his number retired by the team.

I will predict the greatest debate below will come down to Zach Thomas of Jason Taylor.  Roby, however, should be a consideration.  In 10 years as the Miami punter, he earned two Pro Bowl selections, along with one First Team All Pro nod.  He twice had the longest punt of the year in the NFL, with a 77-yard kick in 1987 and a 73-yarder in 1986.  He also led the league in punt average in 1991, kicking the ball 45.7 yards per kick.  He averaged 43.3 yards per kick for his Dolphins career.

After leaving Miami, Roby played six more seasons, retiring after the 1998 season, playing for the Washington Redskins (earning his third Pro Bowl and second First Team All Pro selections), Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston/Tennessee Oilers, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Roby was amazing to watch, and he will forever be one of my favorite Dolphins players.  He may never actually get his number retired, but, if I got to make the choice, I would definitely have him on the list.

Do you have someone else in mind?  How many people will not pick Thomas or Taylor?  Should be interesting to see your answers.