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Terms of Miami Dolphins and Miami-Dade Potential Stadium Agreement Released

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With the offseason well and truly in full swing, the Dolphins have been busy these past few weeks in coming to an agreement with Miami-Dade over the renovation of Sun Life Stadium. At last, a deal appears close. Let’s check out the terms of the potential deal.

Richard Heathcote

Last week it was reported that the Miami Dolphins and Miami-Dade were close to a stadium deal that would see the county pay for a franchise fee for bringing in major sporting events, like a Super Bowl.

This week, the Miami Herald has released the specifics of the deal that is due to be voted on by county commissioners, bringing an end to a five-year battle by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to win public help for the renovation. The terms include a unique bonus system that would be payable to the Dolphins for hosting international sporting events, from soccer matches to national college football championships. 

Under the deal, $4 million would be payable to host a Super Bowl or soccer World Cup finals game, $3 million for a soccer World Cup semi-final or national college-football championship, $2 million for a college play-off game and $750,000 for an international soccer match with at least 55,000 paid tickets.  The maximum that the county would pay the franchise over a year would be no more $5 million.

Should the commissioners vote ‘yes’, it would end the wait for a long-overdue renovation that hindered the team’s chances to host a Super Bowl, and has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to the area.

For now it appears a win-win situation.  Stay tuned.

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