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Dolphins OTA transcript from Brent Grimes

The Miami Dolphins are currently holding their third and final Organized Team Activity for the year. After yesterday's workout, cornerback Brent Grimes met with the media.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

(On if he thinks the defensive backs won the battles with the receivers today in practice)- "I don't know. It's practice. You have everybody working on stuff trying to get the timing down. That's what practice is for."

(On his relationship with CB Cortland Finnegan) -"It's good. You can tell he wants to learn. He's asking a lot of questions to me, to anybody, to the coaches and people that have been here. You can tell he's going to help our team out a great deal."

(On there being smoke in the air around the practice field because of fires in the area) -"Yeah, I didn't know what that was, what was going on with that. I heard there was a fire, a brush fire or something. It was a little weird, but we got through it."

(On the red zone being a focus in practice) -"Red zone, really, for the offense, pass rush, is just about timing, just getting the ball out and seeing what happens. That's what red zone is. It's about timing and snap plays."

(On the defense adjusting to all of the offense's motion) -"Yeah, our offense now is a lot of people moving, a lot of moving parts. You're getting used to that, a lot of different formations. We're adjusting to it as we go, but it's good and it's making us better."

(On how the offseason has been for him now that he has been with the team for a year) -"Oh, it's cool. It's not a new environment. I know I'm comfortable here and just playing ball. That's what I do. I just want to get out here and play some football."

(On if he's seen any similarities between him and CB Cortland Finnegan)"We both play corner. We both cover the receiver in front of us. It's pretty simple. I don't know any other similarities. We're both trying to get picks, pass breakups."

(On CB Cortland Finnegan coming to the team on a one-year deal and if he sees similarities when he arrived in that same position)"Yeah, he's on a one-year deal. Of course, when you're on a one-year deal, you want to prove what you can do, show your worth or whatever. But from just being with him in this short amount of time, you can tell he wants to learn. He asks a lot of questions. He competes. He works hard. That's all you want out of somebody on your team."