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Dolphins draft results 2014: Grade Miami's second round pick Jarvis Landry

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The Miami Dolphins spent the night trading draft picks, with two trades back in the second round before selecting a wide receiver. How do you grade the selection?

Chris Graythen

The Miami Dolphins kept the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft exciting, moving picks multiple times before finally landing on a wide receiver just before the end of the round. What did you think of the craziness?

The round started with the Dolphins holding the 50th overall selection. Just after the team went on the clock, they traded out of the position, giving the pick to the San Diego Chargers for the 57th overall pick. With that move, Miami also added San Diego's fourth round pick, number 125 overall.

Everyone reset and waited for the seven extra picks to pass by before MIami was again on the clock. Only, the club did it to us again. Just as we all started to get excited about the pick, the team again traded back, this time moving from 57 to 63, swapping second round picks with the San Francisco 49ers, who had just traded out of the 56th pick to get the 63rd selection. They also added the 49ers' fifth round pick, number 171 overall.

Now holding the second round's penultimate selection, the Dolphins used it to grab LSU wide receiver Jarvis Landry. A great route-runner, Landry is sure handed (1 drop in 2013) and sets up defenders at the line of scrimmage and through his cuts. He's not afraid to go up and fight for a ball. He's not fast, however, running a 4.5 second 40-yard dash at his Pro Day (he ran a 4.7 second 40 at the Combine with a pulled hamstring), and he's only 5'11", so he is not a big target.

What are your thoughts on the Miami Dolphins' second round? How do you grade it?


How do you grade the Miami Dolphins' 2014 NFL Draft second round (two trades back, then select Jarvis Landry)?

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