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Dolphins trade up in third round

The Miami Dolphins have traded up in the third round.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have traded up to the 3rd pick of the third round, swapping picks with the Oakland Raiders.  The Dolphins sent the Raiders the 81st pick and the 116th (4th round) pick to move up.

After a crazy second round, the Dolphins continue to make moves tonight.  They started the night with two picks, the 50th and the 81st.  They then traded the 50th for the 57th, picking up the 125th (4th round), then moved back again, going to 63rd and adding the 171st pick (5th round) through the moves.  Now they ship their original fourth round pick, 116, to Oakland to move up.

The Dolphins have picked offensive tackle Ja'Wuan James in the first round and wide receiver Jarvis Landry in the second round.