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Dolphins draft results: GM Dennis Hickey talks pick of Ja'Wuan James

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Miami Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey spoke to the media following the selection of Ja'Wuan James with the 19th overall selection.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

(Dennis Hickey Opening Statement) –“We are very excited. We just selected Ja’Wuan James. He’s been a targeted player, a guy we spent a lot of time on in the process leading up to the draft. He’s a guy that I interviewed in my previous capacity at the Senior Bowl. We interviewed him at the Combine. We brought him in for a visit here. We had our offensive line coach go work him out. He was always a targeted player for us, and we are very excited about the skill set that he brings, about the person that he is, the quality person. He started 49 games. He’s been a captain, played at the highest level in the SEC, a real quality person that we really enjoyed during our time with him. We had a conviction for the player, and we are excited to add him to our roster. With that, I will open up for questions.”

(On if Ja’Wuan James was his best player available on the board) – “Yes, he was.”

 (On if he tried to trade down to still get Ja’Wuan James) – “With any pick, we are always entertaining (offers), and sometimes you are on the clock and you get a lot of calls, sometimes you get a few. We had a couple calls, but we were just excited about picking Ja’Wuan James and adding him to our roster. He’s a guy that definitely fits in from a talent aspect as well as the person and brings what the Dolphins are all about.”

(On if made calls to possibly move up before the pick) – “We were always targeting Ja’Wuan at our pick. Again, we are excited and I know he was very excited as we talked to him through our visit here. A couple of times he grabbed me and said, ‘What do we have to do to get me here? I want to be here.’ So I said, ‘We kind of have to go through the process here, Ja’Wuan.’ He’s pumped to be a Miami Dolphin, and we are really excited to have him as part of our organization.”

(On if this was a case of getting the best player available or the best right tackle available) – “He was the best player for us. That’s the way we valued him. That’s how we saw him, and it started way back. This is a process where so many people are involved whether it be area scouts, as it gets closer to the draft coaches, our medical staff, our director of security. All of these people did a great job in working together, our operations people. This is definitely a collaborative effort and a cumulative effort of a lot of hard work. We are just excited about the end result of getting Ja’Wuan James as a Miami Dolphin.”