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Dolphins draft rumors turning toward trade down

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The Miami Dolphins have begun discussions with multiple teams about trading down in tonight's NFL Draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins currently hold the 19th overall selection in tonight's first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.  Reports are starting to surface that the team may not stay in that position, however.'s Chase Goodbread is reporting that the Dolphins are discussing trade-down scenarios with multiple teams at this point.   According to Goodbread, the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, and San Francisco 49ers have all been contacted.  Goodbread indicates the Dolphins are looking to add extra picks before drafting Tennessee tackle Ju'Wuan James.

Running through the picks to which the Dolphins could be looking to drop, the Eagles hold the 22nd selection, the Browns the 26th, the Saints the 27th, and the 49ers the 30th.  Ideally, Miami should look to stay ahead of the Carolina Panthers, who hold the 28th selection and could also be looking to draft an offensive tackle.

The Browns could make a lot of sense, especially if they do not select a quarterback with their first pick in the opening round.  Cleveland's 27th pick, acquired when they traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts during the season, puts them behind the one team, the Arizona Cardinals, considered to be in the market for a quarterback late in the round.  Moving up to the Dolphins' pick would put Cleveland one spot in front of Arizona.

Why this makes sense

Pretty simple - draft picks.  Former Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland called draft picks assets.  The more assets you have on Draft day, the better your team can be.  That's why the team had multiple draft picks in multiple rounds last year.  This year, they enter the day with just one pick in each of the 7 rounds.  Trading back in the first round and picking up an extra second- or third-round choice would give current GM Dennis Hickey the assets needed to give Miami some more flexibility.

Why this doesn't make sense

It all depends on how the board falls.  If the quarterback run prior to Miami's pick takes away the Dolphins' leverage, they could lose the ability to grab multiple extra picks.  It also depends on where Miami is looking to land.  If they fall back behind the Panthers, the board has to have given them multiple offensive line targets, allowing them to take whichever player Carolina does not select.

Likelihood: 7.5/10

I think this is exactly what the Dolphins would like to do, but it all depends on the board.  If it doesn't fall right, or an early run on wide receiver or quarterbacks could kill Miami's chances to make this happen.  It's probably going to happen, but there's still enough of a question mark to leave the 25-percent doubt.

Your thoughts?