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You are the offensive coordinator: Design the game winning drive

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The Miami Dolphins are down late in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship game. They need a touchdown to make their first Super Bowl since Dan Marino's loss to the San Francisco 49ers. You are calling the plays. What do you do?

Chris Trotman

It's first-and-ten with just over a minute left in the game, and the Miami Dolphins are trailing by five, and one timeout. After a touchback, Miami has the ball on their own twenty-yard line, with a touchdown meaning a trip to the Super Bowl. How are they going to get it done?

That's up to you. We've dropped you into the scenario as the Dolphins' offensive coordinator, and you are calling the plays. How do you work the clock? How do you attack the defense?

And, what defense are you attacking?

Here's your chance to design your dream AFC Championship winning drive. Who are the Dolphins facing, with the chance at the Lombardi Trophy on the line? Do you go for it all on a deep pass to Mike Wallace or Brian Hartline? Do you work the sidelines on out routes? When do you use your last remaining timeout?

Build for us the Dolphins' version of The Drive.