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NFL Top 100 Players: Cameron Wake's position on list revealed

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The NFL Top 100 Players countdown continues working toward the number one player in the league, with positions 61 through 70 last night. Included in that set is Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake.

Chris Trotman

Cameron Wake is a dominant defensive end, terrorizing quarterbacks year-after-year.  He has 51.5 sacks in five years in the league, three Pro Bowl appearances, and a First Team All-Pro selection.  And now, for the third time, he's made the list of NFL Top 100 Players.  

For the third year, Wake is underrated.

In 2011, the first year of the list, Wake was rated as the 63rd list.  After being left of the countdown in 2012, Wake came back to the list in 2013 as the 89th best player in the league.  This season, Wake is the 66th ranked player in the league.  

According to the NFL Network's analysis of Wake's selection, he is the fifth ranked defensive end on the list.

The NFL Top 100 Players list is voted upon by the NFL players.  The league started the annual list in 2011, with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being recognized as the top player that year; Aaron Rodgers was in the top spot in 2012 andAdrian Peterson held that spot last year.  All three previous top players were the reigning MVP from the previous year.  Peyton Manning won the award for this past season.

Wake was the only player from the Dolphins to make the list in 2013.  This season, through the first 40 players announced, Wake has been joined by tight end Charles Clay (89) and Brent Grimes (95).

After each player on the list is revealed, fans can vote whether that ranking is overrated or underrated.  Grimes is vastly underrated according to the fans, with 73-percent of the votes currently saying he should be higher on the list.  Clay is a nearly 50-50 split, with a slight overrated lean.  Wake has jumped out to 81-percent underrated in early voting on his rating.