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NFL trade rumors again speculating Dolphins could trade Dion Jordan to Eagles

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The trade speculation that just will not go away resurfaces today, with an suggestion that Dion Jordan could be headed away from the Miami Dolphins some time this summer.


Let's begin this look at the latest Miami Dolphins trade speculation by stating, I do not see it happening.  The Dolphins have invested too much in draft picks, money, and time already to give up on a third-overall selection a year after making the pick.  The speculation, however, is back.'s Chris Wesseling last night posted the top ten NFL trade possibilities over the summer.  Included in that list is Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan, reigniting speculation that does not ever seem to go away.  The idea that Miami would move on from the player they traded up to the third-overall selection has been floating, seemingly, since the Dolphins turned in the card for the pick.  Miami was derided for making the pick for a player who was "raw," though he was consistently projected as a top five pick.  The Dolphins were ridiculed for not taking one of the top offensive tackles in the draft class, rather than making a pick most draft analysts did not see coming.

Add in the change from Jeff Ireland to Dennis Hickey as the team's General Manager, and the idea that Miami may be ready to trade away Jordan only picks up steam.

Wesseling writes about the potential trade:

Jordan has been connected to [Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon] Graham in trade talks that reportedly went nowhere between the Eagles and Dolphins. Whether it's true or not, there is persistent speculation in league circles that Jordan is available for the right price because new general manager Dennis Hickey doesn't value him nearly as high as former boss Jeff Ireland did. It doesn't help that Jordan remains without an obvious position in the Dolphins' 4-3 defense.

 He lists the Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, and Tennessee Titans as potential landing spots for Jordan.  Immediately, you can rule out the Jets as Miami would never trade Jordan in the division.  The rest of the teams could make some sense, but the Dolphins are going to need a lot in return for Jordan before they would even consider a trade.  Having spent a first- and second-round pick on Jordan in 2013, to suddenly turn-around and trade him in the summer of 2014, Miami would likely be looking to at least recoup the picks spent on the former Oregon Ducks star.

Team are not likely to pay that price.

Everything seems to say Jordan is going to be a member of the Dolphins in 2014.  The team seems to have a plan for him, and they are working to get him ready to fulfill the potential that led to the trade to select him.  The speculation continues, but, until a trade happens, it seems like "league circles" trying to make something of nothing.