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Dolphins Rookie Minicamp: Matt Hazel becomes third draft pick to sign

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The Miami Dolphins have announced the signing of wide receiver Matt Hazel, bringing the team to three of eight signed draft choices.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are clicking off the signing of draft picks as rookie minicamp opens.  Fifth-round picks tight end Arthur Lynch and linebacker Jordan Tripp were signed yesterday, with sixth-round selection wide receiver Matt Hazel joining the group today.

Today is also the team's first day of rookie minicamp, with all eight draft picks, all of the team's undrafted free agents, and nearly 30 tryout players all taking part.  

Still remaining to be signed by the Dolphins are first-round pick Ja'Wuan James, second-round selection Jarvis Landry, third-rounder Billy Turner, fourth-round choice Walt Aikens, and seventh-round pick Terrence Fede.  Even without being signed, all of the draft choices can participate in the workout.

Also included in the workout are second-year players who did not receive pension credit in 2013.  Credit is given to players if they are on the 53-man roster for three games or are placed on injured reserve during the season.

We will have updates on all of the signings and on-the-field action from rookie minicamp this afternoon.