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Dolphins LB Jordan Tripp first draft pick to sign

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The Miami Dolphins have completed the first contract for the 2014 Draft class, agreeing to terms with linebacker Jordan Tripp.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The worry can stop, as the Miami Dolphins have begun signing their 2014 NFL Draft class.  Every year, we all start to panic as teams begin signing their draft choices, while the Dolphins wait.  Of course, a lot of the teams held their rookie minicamps last week, while Miami doesn't start their minicamp until tomorrow, so the other teams had a week head start on signing the rookies.

Now, as the Dolphins start to welcome the rookies into the training facility for their first real practices as NFL players, we will start to see them sign.  The first of those players to put ink on a contract is linebacker Jordan Tripp, according to a report from the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero.

It was also Salguero who started this year's panic of non-signing for the Dolphins, when he pointed out a few days ago that 27-percent of the draft class had been signed around the league, but no Dolphins players.

Miami did not have a rookie holdout last season, despite the team's reputation of demanding offset language in each contract.  That language gives the Dolphins some relief against the salary cap if the team were to release the player, then he sign with another team, prior to the full guaranteed part of the contract being completed.

Using's rookie salary estimation, Jordan, the second of the team's fifth round picks and selection 171 overall, should have a contract in the $2,382,800 range over four years.