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NFL Ugly Sweaters Dolphins style

Are you ready to start shopping for the holidays? Maybe not yet, but you can get a jump on things by pre-ordering these NFL-licensed ugly sweaters.

Clark Toys / NFL Ugly Sweaters by Forever Collectibles

Earlier today we took a look at some of the more interesting items on clearance at for the Miami Dolphins.  If you missed it, you should make sure you check out the special things we featured that you can absolutely purchase for an additional 30-percent off right now.

After that post was published, I was informed of an even better site to find some...noteworthy...NFL gear.  At least, as the name suggests, these are supposed to be ugly.

Welcome to the NFL Ugly Sweaters collection by Forever Collectibles.  How ugly?  We'll let you decide.

There are two major options, one the "Wordmark" style and the other the "Busy Block" option.  There are also some individual player ugly sweaters available, but I will let you head over to the site to see those.

For the Dolphins, we present the Busy Block style:


Yeah, that's not pretty.  But, at least it's not this bad:


Ravens Wordmark


Bengals Wordmark

If you are looking to punish the football fan in your life this winter, it's time to pre-order your NFL Ugly Sweater.  You can read more about the sweaters, and see Johnny Manziel "wearing" one, at SB Nation as well.