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NFL Clearance: What's on sale for the Miami Dolphins? is currently holding a clearance sale. What can you land for the Miami Dolphins? Here's a look at some of the more....interesting....items.

NFL Shop

The NFL calendar has reached the point where it's time to do a little house cleaning, at least for the NFL Pro Shop.  Right now, select items on are an additional 30-percent off the sale price.  For the Miami Dolphins, a lot of the items are the old logo items, though there are plenty of current logo items available as well.

Looking through the selection, there are some really good deals.  Then there are some things that just make you double check, just to make sure you really saw what you think you saw.  We, of course, are going to look at some of the latter items.

To see the full list of Dolphins sale items, head here.

Mini Mascot Pillow Pet


I'm not exactly sure what this is.  It is a manatee?  A fat shark?  Jabba the Hutt?

Mascot Study Buddy


Something bad happened to T.D.  He may have been mugged, giving him those fat lips.  Or, he really wants to kiss you while you are studying.  Whatever it is, it's kind of creepy.

Garden Mascot


This figurine is not as bad as the next ones we will see, but I'm not sure why you need a dolphins drinking out of a garden hose.

Frog Player Figurine


I told you they are going to get worse.  We now have the option to get a giant frog, standing on his lilypad, talking on a football?  

Cheerleader Zombie Figurine


Did you not believe me?  In case you need to have an undead cheerleader to prove you are a Dolphins fan, has you covered.  In case you want to convince your little girl that she can grow up to be a cheerleader for the Dolphins....well, you may want to look somewhere else.

Banshee Streak Thermal T-Shirt


I'm not sure if that's a plaid pattern in the Dolphins logo, a ying-yang, or something else.  

Ladies Upperdeck Dress


Just in case you can't decide if you want to wear a tanktop or a really high waisted dress, we give you a little of both, which doesn't really work as either.

Cuce Shoes Ladies Follower Boots


The perfect accessory for your tank/dress?  A perfect pair of boots, right?  And, why not add in some fur as well?

#7 Chad Henne Youth Replica Jersey


Don't think we would leave the kids out of the clothes shopping.  We can get them decked out in a replica Robot jersey.  And who wouldn't want to rock Henne's number seven?

#65 Eric Steinbach Jersey


I know you have to have a complete collection of Dolphins jerseys every year, and a hard one to find was the Eric Steinbach jersey.  Now, you can have it for...well, longer than he was on the team.  

What are your favorite items from the NFL clearance?