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NFL playoffs expansion tabled at owners meeting

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The NFL owners have tabled discussions about potential expansion to the league's playoff system.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

NFL owners are currently meeting in Atlanta, Georgia with several topics to be discussed, including the headlining potential expansion of the league's playoff policy.  Speculation has the league looking to add a third Wildcard to each conference, moving from a 12-team format to a 14-team tournament.  While no vote was promised at these meetings, the prospect of expandiong the postseason was to be discussed.

According to a report from ESPN, that discussion happened, but ended with the proposal being tabled as owners wait for more fidelity on the plan.  Several of teh owners want to re-visit the topic in the fall, when they will have a better understanding of the revenue another playoff team would generate, as well as the format for the tournament and an idea of the workmen's compensation benfits needed for another playoff team.

The most speculated concept would have the three Wildcard from each Conference play the second-, third-, and fourth-seeded Division winners in that Conference during the first round of the playoffs, with the top-seed earning the only bye week in the Conference.  The winners of those three games, plus the top-seed, would then meet up in the Conference semi-final round.

Also on the agenda for today's meeting is the host site for the 2018 Super Bowl, with Indianapolis, Minnesota, and New Orleans the finalists, as well as more discussion on locker room culture and a discussion of the Miami Dolphins' stadium renovations plan.

The league owners are scheduled to meet again October 7-8 in Detroit.